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Ceramic Grinding Company

Delivering advanced technical ceramics grinding of high purity alumina for 47 years.


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Benefits of working with Ceramics Grinding

Our 4,000 s.f. manufacturing facility located in Maynard, Mass. can efficiently accommodate any size job -
... from rapid-turnaround of a small production run of high purity alumina wear plates to a large volume ceramics
... grinding project of carbide dowels and pads.

We provide same day service on most alumina oxide grinding projects, and also utilize automated slicing
.... machines, which provide for cost savings. We guarantee our stated delivery dates.

We deliver personal one-on-one attention to ensure customers receive unparalleled quality service on each
.... technical ceramics project.

We guarantee competitive pricing to accommodate our customers' budgets.

Our reputation is built upon exceptional results.


Over the years, we have acquired a vast amount of experience servicing industries to include: Aerospace, Defense, Microwave, Medical, Advanced Photonics, Semi-Conductor, and University research departments.

Our customers have entrusted us to deliver a range of technical ceramics services from machining alumina oxide prototypes to enhance the design of a medical laser to performing test grinding procedures to validate tensile strengths and wear analysis.


Key competencies of Advanced Ceramics Grinding Technology:

Staff is equipped with calibrated tools for measuring part accuracy and is skilled in working with a variety
... of hard fired ceramics materials to create any shape product.

Machinists are highly skilled in centerless grinding techniques and will consistently deliver the technical
... precision required of this difficult ceramic grinding method.

Manufacturing capabilities allow us to achieve machining alumina oxide with tight tolerances (+/- .0001),
... in a range of sizes (as small as 0.015” dia.).

Thorough inspection systems are in place to ensure all technical ceramics machining projects meet quality and
... design specifications.


At Ceramics Grinding, we've earned our reputation for delivering superior ceramic grinding craftsmanship, and stand ready to partner with you on your next advanced technical ceramics project. We understand that in today's demanding manufacturing and R&D world; time is of the essence. Therefore, when contacting Ceramics Grinding you will immediately talk directly with a professional that is familiar with all machining processes. This will result in the timely resolution of issues or concerns you may have.

For a more comprehensive list of ceramics grinding capabilities and products, please see our Projects web page.

Additionally We Offer:

Carbide dowels and pads
Ceramic dicing and slicing of all rods tubes plates and substrates
Ceramic furnace furniture Nozzles Sensors
Ceramic liquid and gas analysis equipment
Ceramic machining Composite materials, making bend test samples for
... testing strengths and wear analysis
Drilling and Milling of a verity size holes with tolerances of +/- 0001
Ferrite and other load materials for transformer antenna needs
Fiber optics alumina insulators
High purity ceramics for medical applications
Internal and external precision machining
Machining of electrical ferrites
Machining Samarium Cobalt and other magnetic materials
M.O.R. Test bars
Supplier of ceramics rods, ceramic tubes, ceramic plate's, ceramic
... substrates,or any type ceramic needed.
Vacuum applications High temperature and high voltage insulators

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ceramic nozzles

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